Reflexology is one of the most well-known alternative therapies in the world. It consists in applying pressure on the soles of feet and on palms, on specific points and regions, to achieve stimulation of a certain organ, tissue or system in the body. Some points that are being pressed will hurt more than others, usually signaling imbalances in the body. The reflexologist will thus make up a map of the person’s feet, to establish which are the main areas to be treated, also taking into consideration the history, symptoms, other conditions and many more of the person in question.

How does it work?

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Reflexology was used in ancient times (for example, Egyptians used it, as found in pharaoh burial tombs) and rediscovered at the beginning of the 1900s by doctors and health workers who found out that, by pressing certain regions on the feet, they had results, seeing an improvement in the patient’s condition.

Studied by science

Although being studied by science in numerous times, we have not yet discovered the mechanisms of how reflexology works. Some opinions state that the pressure applied on the feet sends messages to the central nervous system, which decreases the tension in the body. This enhances overall relaxation and helps internal organs rebalance and normalize their functions. Other opinions appeal to the “zone theory”, which explains that every organ, bone, muscle, etc. that lies within a zone can be accessed via a point or area on the feet or hands. This theory is based on the experience of nurses and doctors in parts of Europe who discovered, beginning with the 1900’s, that, by regularly touching certain areas on the feet of patients, they would see an improvement in their state.


Reflexology is believed to work on the physical level and on the emotional level of the person. Some opinions state that reflexology also has amazing results on the energetic level, the so-called Qi, or life force of the person.

Who best benefits from reflexology?

From babies to adults, to senior people, everyone can benefit from it. Nevertheless, there are some counter-indications, regarding mainly people with severe issues with the circulatory system.


Phlebitis, aneurism, organ transplants, melanoma on the feet.

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Corina came to therapy in great stress because of the increase of the number of nodules (lumps) in both her breasts. She was particularly worried that they would turn up to be malignant. After 5 sessions, the nodules in her left breast completely disappeared, and the right breast only presented one more nodule. Needing to leave the city for a while, we will continue the treatment after her return.

What's right for you

Dysfunctions and Conditions​

Reflexology is best known for working in cases of:
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