Holistic Approach

Combining different fields for caring of the body, mind & soul.

Custom-tailored Therapy

The sessions are adapted to your problems and your needs.

Exceptional care

Investing energy, care and know-how in your journey to wellbeing.

Bowen Therapy & Reflexology, Nyon, Switzerland | Oana Pocnet Alternative Therapist Natura San

How can I help you?


What my clients say

Oana Pocnet is the therapist by excellence! The effect of the therapy was impressive. I feel so much more energetic, more focused. I can sleep better. Relaxation has been both physical and psychological. Although my problems are improving, I plan to continue the therapy to finish the healing process. Oana is a lovely person, very professional and very attentive. I highly recommend this therapist!

Sorina Sandu
The Bowen technique helped me a lot during my pregnancy, as well as to recover after my birth. I had terrible back pain and it relieved me a lot. I recommend Natura San!
Alexandra Rafaila

Benefits of alternative therapies

Effective and fast:

An overwhelming majority of clients see an improvement after 4 - 5 sessions.

Suitable for all ages:

Suitable for children, adults, seniors, with all types of problems.

Gentle Therapies

These therapies are not intrusive and do not force the body in any way.

Proven Studies​

Scientific studies proved the efficiency of the technique on different illnesses.

No side effects:

Using the natural healing mechanisms of the body, there are no side effects.


Case study

I came to wonder about an alternative approach to health after having been failed my modern medicine in my own struggle with unease and disease. I discovered the wondrous world of nutrition by experimenting on myself different theories on what is the proper fuel for the human body. I came to discover Bowen therapy after being treated by a fellow Bowen practitioner of chronic back pain, herniated disks, renal issues and chronic fatigue. After a few sessions my pain was gone, and was seeing an improvement on my general health and wellbeing (including on an emotional level). That was when I fell in love with this therapy and decided that was what I wanted to do. Oana Pocnet, Alternative Therapist


Dysfunctions and Conditions

Below you can find a list with dysfunctions and conditions that respond very well to the Bowen technique & Reflexology

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