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Thérapie Bowen et Réflexothérapie, Nyon, Suisse | Oana Pocnet Thérapeute alternative Natura San



How can I help you?

After a first consultation, depending on the history and symptoms, we will decide on which is best done in order to help the body improve or heal the dysfunctions.

By request, I combine these two manual therapies with nutrition and life coaching as my experience showed me that both of them play an important role in the wellbeing of the person. 



Oana Pocnet is THE therapist by excellence! I went to Bowen therapy for severe back problems. I really felt an improvement in pain, a well-being of the body and posture. The effect of the therapy was impressive. I feel so much more energetic, more focused. I can sleep better. Relaxation has been both physical and psychological. Although my problems are improving, I plan to continue the therapy to finish the healing process. Oana is a lovely person, very professional and very attentive. I highly recommend this therapist! Sorina Sandu, teacher

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